Dr. Nils Kemme

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting

Dr. Nils Kemme is Partner and port operations consultant at HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH. He has more than fifteen years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of planning, realizing and optimizing ports and intermodal facilities.

Since 2019, Nils Kemme is a partner at HPC, where he is responsible for the European Market and the development of its service portfolio. As such, he is a renowned speaker at international events of the port and transport industry and has published several books and articles in this area.

His main focus is on strategic development and sustainable optimization of ports and terminals. In recent years, he delivered more than 40 development plans and optimisation projects on six continents. Using HPC’s proprietary simulation tools, which Dr. Kemme established and developed with his team, he ensured optimal investments, avoiding multi-million malinvestments, increased capacity and performance, and reduced operating costs and emissions by double-digit percentages.


Utilising Digitalization for a More Sustainable Port
31st March 2021, 2:15PM – 3:15PM BST
Digitalization can not only help ports process more cargo but also in an environmentally friendly way. As critical points in the supply chain, ports can help bring down carbon emissions across the logistics industry by using green technologies in its container handling operations and the hinterland.

In this session hear how:

• Making digital improvements to port operations though automation, AI or any number of emerging technologies can have a direct impact on the sustainability of a port as it reduces waste and increases efficiency.