Emilie Dorgeville

Sales Manager, Ports & Coastal

The primary focus of Emilie Dorgeville’s career has been the development of novel solutions for measuring sea state. Having recently joined Miros, Emilie applies her 15 years of maritime industry experience to help customers improve port efficiency and safety by leveraging real-time, digital sea state data.

In the past, Emilie has worked for REMPEC (Regional Marine Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea), UNEP/IMO, and the Operational Oceanography department of the French Navy as Lieutenant. She has also applied her expertise to roles at Neotek and Aanderaa Data Instruments where, as Product Manager, she was responsible for Doppler and wave products.

Emilie holds a Master of Advanced Sciences in Physical and Coastal Oceanography from the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO), in Marseille, France.