Jerome Besancenot

Port of Le Havre

Jérôme Besancenot, Ph.D., heads Information Systems department at HAROPA Port of LE HAVRE. Expert in maritime IT strategy and single windows, he developed a new generation of Port Community System (PCS) software designed to facilitate vessels and cargo transit through any port. Named S-WiNG (Single-Window Next Generation) system which relies on a flexible data and event model as well as a fully tunable web interface. This new concept already improves the capacity of port organisation to benefit from new trade facilitations while helping port to succeed their digital transformation toward “Smart and Connected Port” integrating better new technologies related to e-navigation and e-maritime initiatives such as BtoB, BigData, AI, 3D and IoT. This strategy of digitization of business process and data promotes stronger interdependencies between port operational activities and availability /quality of electronic data delivered by IT applications and sensors.

In this regard, it results in a higher cyber vulnerability related to security, reliability and accuracy risk. Cybersecurity must be enforced by training and building cybersecurity awareness among port employees and port community stakeholders. For that purpose a Port needs to share and develop its own cyber defence culture, cybersecurity can be a competitive advantage for the port in being recognised by Customers as a trusted party, and the key point to deal smarter with port digitalization.

Dr. Besancenot chairs the European PROTECT Group dedicated to EDI normalization within Port activities. He is also a regular member of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) Trade Facilitation & Port Community Systems committee or IMO FAL committee.

Dr. Besancenot has published several articles on computer science into IT magazines and reviews. He is also co-author of a book on transactional systems: concept, normalization and products.