Rolf Bakker

Royal IHC

Rolf Bakker is currently working as a marketer at Royal IHC and focusses on making sure that the products IHC makes are in line with the customers’ requirements. He has previous experience in product marketing and marketing intelligence. In that role he developed Searchlight. Royal IHC’s digital market intelligence platform which is capable of extracting the operational performance of dredging assets without the need for input from said asset.

  • Rolf will explain how Royal IHC is able to acquire operational data without intervention of contractors.


Increasing Efficiency & Maintenance with Smart Infrastructure
29th March 2021, 3:00PM – 4:00PM BST
Many ports are realising the benefits of utilising smart infrastructure. In this session you will hear how smart infrastructure may be used to reduce wait times, determine optimal times for ships to dock, load and unload, and enable more ships to enter the port, to name a few.

• Explore how sensors and other technologies are being used to measure equipment usage in operations at ports.
• Hear how the Hamburg Port Authority is using autonomous drones to inspect infrastructure in the port whilst being connected to the digital port twin.