Tommy Mikkelsen

Managing Director (Denmark)
Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure

Tommy Mikkelsen is the Managing Director of Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure’s operation in Denmark. A committed technology evangelist, Tommy has been dedicating himself to developing modern piloting systems over the last decades. He has a software engineering background and brings with him 25 years of experience working in the marine industry. Under his leadership, Tommy and his team of dedicated developers and engineers have designed and created Trelleborg SafePilot Piloting System, helping pilots and ports to optimize operational safety, efficiency and transparency. The SafePilot Piloting System is part of Trelleborg’s SmartPort portfolio, a technology platform that connects port operations, allowing operators to analyze performance and use data to improve decision making.


Utilising Digitalization for a More Sustainable Port
31st March 2021, 2:15PM – 3:45PM BST
Digitalization can not only help ports process more cargo but also in an environmentally friendly way. As critical points in the supply chain, ports can help bring down carbon emissions across the logistics industry by using green technologies in its container handling operations and the hinterland.

In this session hear how:

• Making digital improvements to port operations though automation, AI or any number of emerging technologies can have a direct impact on the sustainability of a port as it reduces waste and increases efficiency.
• Successful digitalisation projects that led to significant energy and emission reductions, including measures such as digital vessel coordination, machine learning and truck appointment systems.