Torsten Neubert

IT and Operations Consultant
HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH

Torsten Neubert has more than 30 years of professional experience in the port, shipping and transport industry. He has worked in leading positions of IT and operational consultancy projects in international port industry for several years, especially on container terminals. Mr Neubert combines his outstanding skills in business processes of a container terminal with his highly-comprehensive expertise of information technology. From his various professional activities he has gained long-standing experience in port-related IT projects. He is thus capable of transferring complex business processes from the port, logistics and transport sectors into highly automated IT concepts and applications.

Torsten Neubert’s expertise of port information systems comprises system and network management, data modelling, programming, system implementation as well as knowledge in managing operating systems and both organisational and technical know-how related to the operation of a data centres.


Reducing Energy Costs & Dependence in your Port
31st March 2021, 4:45PM – 5:45PM BST
There are numerous ways ports can cut energy and save money. Green technologies offer the opportunity to process cargo at the same time as cut emissions. This session will look at ways to save money across a port.